letras de [602] prophet – can i trust you

por favor espere um momento...

don’t hit me up i’ve had a long day

i’ve been eating good but what’s an appetizer to a full entree

how they talking down when they below me

i got the juice i’ve been sipping oj

miss me with the bull i ain’t talking ole

feeling like a giant like my names andre

only thing before me is do re

never with the games so please don’t play

homie keeps a piece and he might just spray

can’t control what he does so watch what you say


f~ck what you heard and f~ck what you know

me and my homies straight mobbing we out of control

f~ck making raps mothеrf~cker this soul

don’t call me boy when you know that i’m grown

and if wе not blood then don’t call me bro

only time that i’m calm is when i’m alone


back and i’m better than ever

show me my target they head getting severed

i’m tryna cop me a rug that’s made out of leopard

you can be a goat but b~tch i’m sheppard
maximum damage when i drop a record

still not close to my maximum effort

who can come best me when i apply pressure

know it’s a problem as soon as i enter

swear by tomorrow you won’t be remembered

prophet been hot like a pepper

y’all cooling off like december

i’m chasing heights that they can not measure

y’all getting caught up that’s why you so tethered

already know that i have temper

do you a favor don’t become a vendetta (ugh)

paranoid don’t know who to trust
when i’m annoyed i push and i shove

i got some traits i need to adjust (2x)

paranoid don’t know who to trust (2x)

please be aware that you are in danger

i do not know how to manage my anger

don’t call me dawg when you are a stranger

don’t need a feature to make me a banger

paranoid when my thoughts langer

i don’t send shots but keep one in the chamber in case they get iffy

trigger finger itchy make em do the shimmy now they body barely

limping guess that’s what happens when you caught pretending


don’t become an enemy

i am everything they pretend to be

this what happens when you limit me

murder everything in my vicinity


i don’t need validity

i’m a be here till infinity

prophet been divinity

me myself and i that’s the trinity

watch out for the serpentine


you can keep civility

keep your platform it’s too rickety

people only say my name when they want publicity


but i’m on to bigger things

ain’t no body real as me

tryna be the illest thing

going down in history

flow clean just like listerine


i don’t wanna taunt b~tch

end of the day who really wants it

and if you in my path you getting stomped b~tch

last time motherf~cker this prophet

- letras de 602 prophet

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