letras de 6.34santana – vergilmustdie

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
screaming at world as everybody says i lost it
i take out the 9, they running like a diagnostic
got the hand of god, i run this glock like im agnostic
really thought they hot until i drop em, i accosted [x2]
racing to the finish, i ain’t even use my nos
hold up wait a minute, i think i just lost my god [mourn]
people gone compare cuz they don’t like that i am free
if i sound like carti, well at least let me get the cheese
he fell down the well
take this choppa, give you h~ll
leave you black just like estelle
leave you fat like you adele
cuz you can’t run from these sh~lls
im the cheetah you gazelle
i be light and you be l
i’ll cut a n~gga with a veil

[verse 2]
pull up on boy wit a scope i keep barrels right to his throat
i f~ck on your b~tch she choke i make that f~ckin p~ssy croak
runnin quick up wit a tool turnin the corpses to a pool
your nasty b~tch on c~ck she drool
i make k!lling b~tches look cool
keep talkin boy you lookin a fool
white boy lookin to shoot up my school
glocks like two
shoot at you
ending yo momma yo daddy too
end a boys life i do it out of spite
when i pull up p~ssy better be ready to fight
his flesh i slice im eatin his eyes i’ll make sure that the b~tch he slowly dies
im taking his life
heart as cold ice
apologies boy but you gonna die
sharpening my knife
grab a knife
take a life
stabbin a b~tch if the p~ssy not tight
pullin up boy you can run not hide
i’ll slam your head into a bike
make a choice it’s do or die
you chose wrong so now you die
[verse 3]
i leave you dead just like my shawty
make sure no one hears your story
drag yo parents, carpets gory
hear me reload, can’t ignore me
this all gone you better hope
if you pull that trigger at my throat
but you a b~tch you gonna choke
i’ll turn yo piel into a coat
sell a beat and flip all of the cash to murder you
hennessy, gas like the burner gone
bury you
enemy, gonna die it ain’t occur to you
10 of you, couldn’t beat a tenth of me
strap pass parade, 6 flags clip mag full spray, grenade
drip stash, flash bang, can’t see the flames
it’s that where he at brigade
hit that lip back to brain, okay

- letras de 6 34santana

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