letras de 5txn3 – my life is alive

por favor espere um momento...

every late night, i spend alone inside the attic
runnin of common beats for my songs sound more poetic
trynna lay, what i’m feelin on the composition
hidden by a mask of happiness and satisfaction
my acoustic isolation is foams gluded in a shoe box
i don’t have at least a “set up”, to improve what i record
f~ck, that sh~t is real, f~ck the quality of my audio
if i wanted perfection i’d have gone in a f~ckin studio

i create goals for i score coz i need take the attitude
20 years on my corner, now i want to surprise you
not even if i make blood fall from your ears
i need make you say “oh my god” when you listen
insidе the party an idea got me rid of bе sad
express myself where talk too much is not bad
i’m fed up of wait the time i’ll finally will feel me alive
sustained by times, come and go away, on my side
my life is alive

dud i was dead, i was sustained by times come and go
go away
go away

now i’m alive, i cook~a~hoop, i see no gouts of shame
gouts of shame
gouts of shame

lonely late nights thinking about life
trying to forget all that madness
with a weapon on my hand, i open a woon
non on my worst thoughts i imagined i’d have a hard life

i’m fed up loose inspirations everytime
i can’t stand go thru that sorrow anymore
all my heroes already are restin in peace
so i dedicate that song for em

the world is unfair

on the delusion’s sea
i’m jus a gout tryin not live my life in vain
thinking on the future without live the present time
the past haunts me with all that demons inside my mind

finding my purpose every attempt
every moment, a fail
so, i wipe my face on the towel
and i prepare for one more battle

never give up

i don’t use to waste my time
coz i’m not alienated person
who always ignore the facts
and think life is an eternal funfair

i live the reality
if you never meet you darkest side, you’ll never meet yourself genuinely
be yourself
don’t live in a illusion that won’t become real

- letras de 5txn3

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