letras de 555iona – part 2

por favor espere um momento...

maybe you should smile ?
you will look from the ?
trying to keep you satisfied

maybe you should smile ?
you will look from the ?
trying to keep you satisfied
why did break up with me?
just in my head

[verse: 555iona]
she don’t wanna see my face
or hear my name
not fair (do my part) she f~cking with a lame
i’m better (do my part) than everyone
and i love (do my part) you more
it’s a shame (do my part)
gave so much effort (do my part)
and you treat it like
its a f~cking (do my part) game
it’s not fair (do my part)
i’ll put the noose around my neck
and step (do my part) off the chair
ay ay oh my god

- letras de 555iona

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