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50 cent – death to my enemies

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“death to my enemies”

dre, n-gg-s think we’re bullsh-ttin’! [gun c-cks]

n-gg- try me son, he best have the heat on him!
want my eyes closed, get to moppin’ the street with him!
well i put your body in a baaaaag!
front on me, i’m on ya aaaa-ss!
i bring money to my n-gg-s, that bring death to my enemies! [police sirens]
i bring money to my n-gg-s, that bring death to my enemies! [police sirens]

[verse 1:]
n-gg- front on me, the goons and goblins come out
wishmaster hundred shot drums’ll run out!
they dumb out, you heard of me
they call me big homie!
me i make the register ring! – i’m the cash can!
they make the hammers ring! – they on ya -ss now!
hair trigger, stare n-gg-, yeah n-gg-s’ll flip!
six?, let it off at your will
here i is, where the money is, i still get biz!
d’s know about the beef! – you gon’ still get did!
it be your tombstone and your f-ckin’ grave they dig!
have that -ss in the precinct tryna talk to the pigs
i’m like damien n-gg-! – when i start gettin’ loose on ya!
closest thing to lucifer, you think you got a noose on ya!
i make it hard to breathe!
i come with your hustle, air it out! – make it hard to eat!
have you lookin’ both ways
like you crossin’ the street!

[repeat chorus:]

[verse 2:]
yeah! – n-gg-s send me the wrong message, we gon’ f-cking kill the messenger
your whole clique! – hollowtips’ll tear up the best of ya!
this ain’t the “carter” n-gg-, this is sparta!
it’s harder! i die and be a martyr, respect me like your father!
let off a clip or let a case off
i have your p-ssy -ss runnin’ like a race horse!
follow orders now! – yay’ shoot his “face off”
you can have one, blast one, it’s mad fun!
see how when you listen to me all of the cash gone
i was born with the tec! – it’s a birth defect!
i was concieved in the bins, ended up in a benz
this is what happens when have nots turn into sasquatch!
let the gat pop, boogie down on the back blocks
it’s horrific! – nah it’s terrific!
i got it if you sniff it, go head n-gg- twist it
get lifted!
godd-mn i’m gifted!

[repeat chorus:]

[verse 3:]
yeah! – i tell ’em ride on ’em! – then they ride on ’em!
get the line on ’em and squeeze the .9 on ’em!
head shot, .40-glock blow his mind on him
they say ain’t not a jooks, leave the shines on ’em;
now you can watch me! – n-gg- like the police watch me!
i move proper! – go ahead catch a sh-ll tryna stop me!
that 4-30 spider, carbon fibre
and my dog is like al qaeda natural fighter!
rapid fire, you’re sweet like apple cider,
the mack’ll fire, mask like michael myers!
it’s off the wire! – when i get on my bullsh-t
no smiles, no laughs, you gets no p-ss!
you can explain to my n-gg-s while they whoop yo’ -ss
my hands itch when the money comes, it’s hard to explain it!
last time i itched like this, a truckload came in
get money, get bread, that’s what i do kid!

[repeat chorus:]

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