letras de 40dt – go

por favor espere um momento...

the world is blind
it doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out
but you and i need to take the truth
and start erasing the doubt

this lyrical poetry is racing inside of me
i think the whole church needs a spiritual lobotomy
got to throw some dirt on this spiritual watergate
cause’ six feet under and it’s still try’n to agrivate
everybody sayin whats all the worry
no need to stress man whats all the hurry
i came to take on that anti-christ intellect
the new school theoligy is now in effect

turn the page
just another story of teenage rage
is this the way
our co-pathetic comfort allows us to stay

what are you about have you ever thought it over
a bonafide servant or a sunday poseur
all dressed up and your frontin’ the look
do ya ever check tha pages of that big black book
cause if you did man i know you’d comprehend
it’s a lack of morality that i’m try’n to offend
we can win this war if it’s love we show
now it’s time to

to your neighborhood
that’s right
from new york to hollywood
take the message to the world
when i’m blastin out your speakers
like a soap box preacher
take that message to the world

your wanted
you try but you know
this feeling it won’t let you go
don’t you believe whats inside
i’m saying our light needs to shine

but i have got to get away
to share the things i have to say
it’s time for me to take a stand and go!

chorus repeat

- letras de 40dt

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