letras de 279tyler – hell

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why is everything khroam
tyler, uh, yeah
woo! woo! yeah
everything is khroam in the future

demon boy, i’m from h~ll
that boy go better find his chill
bad b~tch, rollin’ off a pill
yeah she rollin’ like a ferris wheel
bro fresh out of jail totin’ ar’s still
if you try to steal you get k!lled
i was leanin’ too hard, my cup got spilled
that boy fake he ain’t ever keep it real
all these pints, yeah, all these real
i’m bout a go and crack a seal
i’m bout a go and make a sale, aye
go and make a deal
muddy in my cup, now my life feel so surreal
and i’m smoking in a whip, and we listening to sosa
and i’m smoking on this gas, so you know that i’m not sober
and a.j. got the pints, so we gotta drive slower
and i’m still smoking on gas, so that be my odor
wearing gucci loafers, hey, you a joker
aye, ice so polar, bad b~tch and she bipolar
pour the muddy in my soda
i can’t f~ck with you, you a hoe bruh
and i’m with wop and he totin’ a cobra
one call and for you, it’s all over
better get lucky, four leaf clover
run up on us, and we shootin’ like soldiers
she wanna f~ck, and i know it
cop an ounce, and i smoke it
what i’m smoking on is potent
and what you smoking on sh~t
i don’t want a hit of it
miss me with that sh~t
boy you is a l!ck
caught him off the xans
and we took a grand
yeah, yeah
woo! woo!
yeah, yeah
2019 b~tch, ooh! ooh!
yeah, yeah, yeah, woo!

- letras de 279tyler

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