letras de 1zzy – play

por favor espere um momento...

you see here kid, you gotta just go for it
don’t think about what comes after or what came before (shoutout young swisher)
you just gotta bend your knees, take a deep breath, and jump
and you might think, “what if i fall?”
well, what if you don’t?
what if you fly?

[verse 1]
i been reaching stars ever since i left home
a rocket~man that does it better if he does it alone
same flow so that the landing isn’t hard
we out the clouds and on a mission to mars
tesla built, push to start
and all this captured your hearts
and hopefully
a few thousand years
we ain’t reach the stars yet but god d~mnit, it’s near
once you make it through the clouds then all the weather is clear
i ain’t have no fears so rap is what i conquer from here
you feel?
it’s best you call me “mr. came far”
she want me at my best
i guess that’s what she came for
i mean who could blame her
i ain’t no tiger king but i can tame her
we can’t kick with no goal i guess just call me neymar
j cole said if she don’t want it then bro please don’t save her
i just came into the game unlocked a different player
get a taste of what i’m making it’s a special flavor
i just hop out of the mclaren bro i’ll catch you later
you won’t tell the rain to stop raining
it still rain on
you just gotta go through all the pain until it’s gone
if this feeling ain’t that right i’ll just stay wrong
for however long
so play on just play on
play on just play on
sing about me when i’m gone
play on just play on
play on

[verse 2]
hate the fact they ain’t believing in me
but i got my brothers with me i swear that’s all i need
and we catapult we moving way high over the trees
this only the start so you should wait here and see
we giving kids the music just to show them we’re free
and if you roll with us then you’ll be making some green
i worked a little harder now it’s not just a dream
it’s reality like dtr you know what i mean?

- letras de 1zzy

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