letras de 1zzy – no longer

por favor espere um momento...

i was sitting home alone
waiting to hear the ringing of the telephone
and when i realized
i was waiting, waiting in vain
my heart began to suffer great pain
and that’s when that’s when baby
(the picture became quite clear)
don’t you know, don’t you know my baby
you no longer love me

[verse 1]
i guess i been through your worst
hit the scene i feel i’m ready to burst
speeding down the highway, just to say they gotten here first
they get timid when around you, i guess they should rehе~rs~
it’s a shame that their bеst line is “can i buy you a purse?”
we at the louis vuitton store
this the sh~t that i’d die for
i might as well go and buy four
and if i get her something i know she wouldn’t mind
but i’d claim another girl to be a sight for sore eyes
and that’s why

you no longer love me
[verse 2]
i worked too hard not to be claimed important
perfection what i like so we made parties assorted
pinning all my problems i start feeling like norbit
bring my n~~~~~ with me, we start making a fortune
moving on my own i plan to own never lease
feeling like wutang when they gave answers for cream
greatness is a habit cause it’s stuck in my genes
feeling like speed racer cause we stuck in the lead
when you look at us you know that we had to bleed
went from million man march to standing up on your knees
you should know by now that we don’t really fit there decrees
so we made our own things and had to make our own keys
the moment we step in i know they pressed for our leave
and they won’t be satisfied till the all blood on the leaves
praying “oh lord tell me why do they keep hating on me?”
maybe cause i hold my first up till my n~~~~~ is free
i swear!

you no longer love me
you no longer love me

- letras de 1zzy

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