letras de 1zzy – fine wine/adore

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
lil mama come here go ‘head and throw it back
like 95 on 95, you know we going back
i don’t write love songs anymore i got a new attack
but if i told you this for you would you feel more attached?
hey, you remember back in december?
i could tell you just how i’m feeling we’d be forever
now i can’t come up with the words, i ain’t that clever
but we can move in silence and focus on our agenda, ay
wow, these n~~~~~ getting too scandalous
but it’s okay, we way too calm for them to anger us
we’ll fly away like tinker bell hit us with fairy dust
i guess us being okay is what’s got em riled up
we planned escapes way before the problems piled up
we the catalyst that’s why they tryna get they styles up
to our level i’ll say there is nothing better
i pray this feeling gets yellow
we getting faded like melo

fine wine
girl you been up on my mind in fact
don’t wanna take up all your time
but i work on my own time in fact
i could be your boyfriend
maybe even your best friend if that
girl i’m praying that you’ll stay
i’m just tryna keep my heart intact
if that’s cool with you
if that’s cool with you
if that’s cool with you
if that’s cool with you
[verse 2]
you’ll be that one girl that i adore
and when i’m in it i love when you scream out “mi amor”
will you be bonnie and shoot them bodies to the floor?
off the cusp of greed what i got, i still want more
they don’t f~ck with me either
hopped out of the beamer
we make it look easy, we turn hard work into leisure
and you the main feature
where’d you go mona lisa
kanye already said you can’t rome without caesar

when she with me she don’t seem too bashful
hit the pedal go 400, burn the asphalt
girl tell me would you love me when all the cash gone?
or will you go sp~ce x, pick up and blast off

- letras de 1zzy

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