letras de 1xneu – amongus 808 (p.neu)

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this is among us, among us 808
it’s an imposter so i thought it was among us
bad b~tch and she looked like chungus
slapped a fit b~tch then i pulled her hair
she told her dad but i don’t really f~cking care
n~gga smell like p~~p
you better that n~gga underwear
n~gga took a dookey
f~kin’… i don’t know
saw his mom, and his sister, and his grandma
slap that n~gga then i send his ass to panama
found a n~gga watching f~ckin’ disney channel
imma act like jake paul and go to disney channel
(that’s a bad movie change the channel!)
among 808 and i got the strap on me
play with me then i might pull out the strap on~
need amongus! (yuh)
(that is so stupid)

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