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i dont want the same old, pockets looking all swole, level up tho, nintendo, rolling down the window, top down you know im riding with my same bros
ya ya ya, now that i turn gold, shawty wanna love me but i can’t tho, i let go, wish you all the best tho, and she know that, and i know~woah

i dont want the same old, im moving up i can’t be f~cking with these lame hoes, they bump me up so now im switching thru these lanes oh, im all about them
digits, ima get my bank notes, ima get my chain froze, i’ve been off a tab, i’ve been popping tags, i just copped a bag, but i made my money back, didn’t
know me back when i was broke n0body made a sound, now they giving big ups i can hear em from the penthouse, went up to the mall i had to pull up with the
team, 7 hundreds on my feet, with my gosha and supreme, why these thotties f~cking over to me they been tryna peep for my green make a scene turn to fiends
f~ck you mean, diamonds on me so i never need to hydrate, when im cheesing all this vvs in my place, why this shawty always tryna eat off my plate, making
money every day like its a friday

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