letras de 1trap – sudden betrayal

por favor espere um momento...

safe to say i was in a blind, i ain’t know what’s real
gotta keep that pistol by your side, in the holy field
and i’m with some n~ggas thats gon’ ride, and ready to k!ll
i can see the pain up in your eyes, n~gga keep goin

make it do whatever, we gon’ trap till sh~t get better
do this sh~t here for my momma and my n~ggas in the system
younging slanging that metal, he been running with some devils
deep inside, know he praying for forgiveness
momma steady getting phone calls, so she askin “where you at?”
they say them kids out there all night, and they all on
they say they be runnin from them sirens, and them car alarms
they say “you know that sh~t ain’t right, go and pick em up”
p~ssy n~ggas steady dissin me, but i don’t give two f~cks
ain’t givin no attention but my bro he tryna flip em up
i’ll post a threat then leave his body in the street, f~ck police let em pick him up, (harmonizing)
you think them n~ggas with you til the day you see the handles
pain pills for my issues, only way that i can handle
i done got too high, tryna catch a vibe, on my mind, its a homicide, time after time, you was tellin lies
you was telling lies, yeah, who woulda known that it was you
tryna put a filter on the truth?
envy me, i know they do, jealousy, controlling you
and don’t tell me what they told you, cause i work hard for it
i’ve come way too far to turn back now, i’ll go to war for it
you know where i come from that sh~t wasn’t safe, that sh~t was hardcore
shorty tryna get a n~gga off the streets, and get a job for him
they like “what you doin, you a rapper or a drug lord?”
she said “who you screwin, who you tryna save your love for? cuz something don’t feel right to me.” had no response, he just told her quit typing me
i was tryna connect, shorty you ain’t even turn on your bluetooth
now you mad, i found someone to treat me better than you do…

- letras de 1trap

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