letras de 1takejay – stop playing

por favor espere um momento...

wait hol’ up, i’m finna turn this b~tch up

[chorus: 1takejay]

[verse 1: 1takejay]

[chorus: 1takejay]

[verse 2: blueface]
blueface baby, (yeah aight) yeah aight
b~tch you better stop playing
bust down thotiana
this could be your last chance
that boy a rookie baby i’m a f~cking vet
i’m into f~cking baby, he into having s~x
that p~ssy on [?] if i ain’t bang the set
i’m a gang member [?] f~ck a mention
mop the floor just to catch his dumb ass slipping
boy listen, i’m a assh0l~ i’ma get it out your pocket
i’ma get it out her assh0l~
lil baby i ain’t no pimp, but i’m d~mn sure not no trick
i wouldn’t give a b~tch a penny if she had 99 cents
yeah aight (she must be smoking d~ck)
stop playing with me
the uber outside b~tch, you ain’t staying with me
laying with me, blueface the flyеst, 1take the deacon (bleed’ еm)
get the f~ck outta my face, d~mnit
[chorus: 1takejay]

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