letras de 1st verse – right quick

por favor espere um momento...


relax your mind removed completely from the tall tasks
interruption from regularly conducted broadcasts
a cool sp~ce to wait for the storm to pass
the rain was scornful, the wind was banging on the glass
like anthony mason
leap of faith, chances we taking
i grab the ball like i had the antic~p~tion
making that posession count
exercise the resources stretching out
when i go sleep no sheep
just blessings counted
had my time for stressing out
a rather impressive depression bout
laid demons flat on the mat
let the seconds count
might run back the footage for remembering
how i got the tko if it wasn’t more definitive
threw my sword in my nemesis
spoke like i was sure of my sentences
swinging towards the upper deck
not for the fences
they tried to do my man like humpty dumpty
instead he was the gingerbread i know that eat they lunch meat

- letras de 1st verse

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