letras de 1st verse – mocha joe’s

por favor espere um momento...


i come with that dope you don’t stash and
light the microphone like a blunt but don’t pass it
still keep the dutches on the left, puffing on em and
and pick up the pen to push something off of my chest


don’t be bringing me nothing lukewarm and lying
sh~t that you on
i wouldn’t use a coupon to buy it
observance astute upon the eyelids
you couldn’t spar with my squires
it’s quiet for you like you was sworn to silence
and the bar was set too high to touch
in the building like the propietor
they conspire downfall you go up high enough
grew with felons know better than underestimate jealous admirers
but f~ck with the elephant you get the entire tusk
tables turn your tables shaky flaky like a pie crust
definitions loose on them pastries ain’t make yo mind up
what happens when that pressure find ya
is it fine dining or
plates looking like you cooking on a time crunch
they looking for outs i’m looking for overs like i’m out to climb up
and i seen the stars about to line up
when opporunity knocked i wasn’t out to my lunch
this ain’t posturing i don’t slouch reclined
i work like every ounce of mine is coming

- letras de 1st verse

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