letras de 1st verse – i-44 dreams

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[verse 1: 1st verse]

i can’t depend on one basket of eggs
can’t tell you sit at the table if i ain’t gon pass the bread
call ourselves paper chasing since we was after shreds
plotting how we could run the town like the last leg
hillside dipping with the swisher in my ash tray
quiet spot on the other side that couldn’t catch a break
setbacks to acclimate
where they ain’t tell you that you could make it
or that survivor’s guilt come with the accolades
but if i could encapsulate the feeling that this gave me
i’d put it in a bottle and give it back to my babies
so they could save somebody else, i know somebody saved me
never take this sh~t for granted, thats the takeaway for me
done things i can’t take away and things you can’t take away from me
embraced it, found myself to fill the vacancies
faith for what i ain’t percieve
thankful for that daily bread and daily breathing
spreading love like it’s everything we needed

[verse 2: jabee]

they like ‘jabee, when you running for office?’
i dont know
all i know is i’m tired of running from officers
not that i do it often
i’m often offered no options
i ain’t read the book i authored it
tryna see the prophet and the prophetess
the prophecy is profit hypothesis
tryna fill my pockets got me acting out of pocket
got the sermon you can cop it
don’t like it, don’t knock it
if it’s popping you can knock it in your ride
that’s the gospel i provide, provisions i decide
that’s colossians verse 5
peace be unto you and the courage be under fire
devil be undermined
god sent me a sign he turned my water into wine
and anytime i rhyme i cast my pearls before swine
i stay aligned but got these hoes on my line
got mind on my money and my money on my mind

- letras de 1st verse

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