letras de 1st verse – greatest feeling

por favor espere um momento...

if you ever thought the sun just might not rise again
catch a muhf~ckin vibe then

if you ever had to reclaim your time they tried to spend
catch a muhf~ckin vibe then


snaps on the petro
another episode
like i be pulling up i’ll hit you when i’m at the exit though
effective dose
set the tone
we getting close
go more than mortal for the days i felt like flesh and bone
this ain’t a pessimist song
progression shown stretch and growing
not for flex or pose accomplish consecutive goals
what’s really real when that work ethic exposed
thinking how far across the globe can these messages go
i’m thinking part the seas
my heart believe
the moment wasn’t too much like this the best part to me
extra sharp park the vehicle on archer street
carpe diem
sown seeds for harvest and starting to see em
nothing bring it out like that necessity does
lift the limits on what that life expectancy was
i whip the type of dish that make em ask what the recipe was
fl!ck the type of wrist that make em wanna connect with the plug
kept the drugs you can only get right here
in a minute i be gone a light year
some kinda sight seer
take the leap like i did it just to spite fear
but more intentional
multidimensional flights to steer
over something gary looped thats what i like to hear
in a zone like i can live my life in here
end the night under smoke clouds lifting in air
talking how to walk like prophecy over predictions get prepared

- letras de 1st verse

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