letras de 1st verse – everybody got needs

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]

i need your undivided, off the fence, off that undecided
talk that don’t toss that one aside, the real thing, not something like it
something i can function nice with
compass right to come to life and come to life
to live in a way i feel good if they say that my son in my likeness
surgical like this was under the knife, for the coping i come with devices
mechanisms, that exorcism, like i can’t succumb to my vices
vines in the jungle i run through and exercise every onе of my rights in
like i can’t crumblin’ unless it’s satellitе on some wonderful life sh~t
we gettin’ closer, keepin’ composure, we watching the tumblin’ dices
might not be moving how i go, but i know the deal like i bundled the prices
played the driver seat like i was the only one with a license
and when it’s on you
don’t get lost in your ego is all that my humble advice is
i’m havin’ fun with it, turning my music up over the grumbling and fightin’
knockin’ like whenever my number called i’ma summon the thunder and lightnin’
like i ain’t one of the nicest, i’m him
in front of the crisis i live
doors open, run is decisive i’m in
coming up and coming out the tunnel to the light at the end

heart can’t hide on my sleeve, park the ride where i please
and it’s just gettin’ good, baby why would i leave?
baby why would i leave, realize what i seen
everybody got needs, everybody got needs
what you got on yo mind, what i got up my sleeve
in the spot i gotta be, it’s a vibe i believe
inside of my dream, realize what i seen
everybody got needs, everybody got needs
[verse 2]
what’s a necessity, what’s the ingredients that you gon need in the recipe
world gon spin around with or without me, im moving according, effectively
run like i’m going for gold medals, write a rap like an acceptance speech
ain’t tryna lack now or tap out or back out, i’m tryna pack out the chesapeake
consecutively, i want all of the extras i put in the effort to see
cleaning the messes and feeding ’em blessings instead of finessing for greed
i was going through it for a minute, i took a second to breathe
to watch and assess until dots was connected i got to collecting the keys
i wasn’t sleeping, i kept up to speed, i wasn’t reaching, connected with ease
i wasn’t leasing, invested in me and invested in you and the pressure to please
it’s better this way, like it don’t mean a thing unless it’s a reason
respect the degrees in separation like who make it peppered and seasoned
en route to the destination like i need no recommendation receivin’
the one you can’t catch in the matrix, second to nathan, precedent leavin’
all the places we been, needed this like something to believe in
like company to keep in
like the wind in my lungs that i’m comfortably breathin in

[repeat chorus]


- letras de 1st verse

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