letras de 1st klase – amen

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i eh wa dem fellas feel is ranking ting inno meh bruddaz
ummmm brooklyn yuh know dey praying on we!
aye ray yuh know dem boy dem praying on we!

cho hook:

i woke up this morning thankful for meh life amen!
keep it on meh cause they praying on meh life amen!
i stay getting money dem just wa d hype
she was praying for a miracle
ah bless she with d pipe amen

post cho:

christian dior
buy out the store
new louboutins
dais blood on the floor
meh diamonds dem flawless
i is be on some boss sh~t
pray to the most high
dem n~ggas don’t cross me

verse 1:

wa they know bout ital on d promanade dais bobo
wa they know bout soca and еxtempo dais cro cro
quarter oz ah d colo
dais 150 when d stock low
i ain’t sayin dat fuh no promo
but all mеh real n~ggas know tho
every time she come over
she does ask me where d weed at
so ah hit d p~ssy ah hat~trick like bunji in d monarch
if yuh diss my dawgs loading up
brooklyn done dem crome it up!
bad b~tch dais blackanese
every night she on her knees

- letras de 1st klase

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