letras de 1rxchwavv – check me!

por favor espere um momento...

(yea) i got the bank now
diamonds be water
swear that my diamonds be sank now
imma dunking no carter
she wanna chill for the fame now
i’m the drip with no salsa
screaming my name like rxchwavv how
looking up like i caught up
n~ggas be playing these games now
ain’t no flex but i’m rawer you can’t just tell by my name now
she won’t leave without offering
see what i mean when i take now
i just cuffed up your daughter why would you think that she safe now (yea)
[verse 1]
think that she safe now
i might give her a b think that’s the plan we gone takedown
if you give her to me promise she won’t be the same now
she gone cake up on me promise she going insane now
he the reason i feen all that i hear that she says now
say i’m the heart to her sweet sweetheart it cannot be changed now
i’m miami with the heat i keep on dropping these bangs out

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