letras de 1nonly_dk – do over

por favor espere um momento...

i wish i can have one due over
promise ill do better
won’t live my life to the limit
and got to keep my head up
be tru to what i say no lying bout no dumb stuff
this go out to 2pac he is the one who bossed up
we got remy ma, rapsody, and kendrick lamar
there all could be goats but never got that far
it seems kinda mythical
that could be called a miracle
all the word in my head put together is lyrical
but they blame me it on hip hop yet just speak on what they see
imma speak on what i see and never claim it to be
you see, they think imma pеrson who gon rap bout pulling triggers
just to make therе pockets bigger
while the world thinks imma sinner
heres the kicker they get richer
if only we take that picture
at the truth and as us its not rap its some thing bigger

// verse 2 //
when i say im king it means my crown can’t be taken
thats nothing against ur set sorry that ur mistaken
retaliations segregation if out hood please awaken
it only take one bullet and u will be out of the staition
me and my day ones thats one nation
k!lling mlk only gave us dedication
covid~19 k!lling people for no reason
donald trump not doing nun might as well call it treason
people seliing drugs they should be giving hugs giving hugs
good luck

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