letras de 1nonly – sorry, i like you

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
i’m sorry that i like you
and if it’s not too much to ask
can we talk about our feelings and
remanence the past or

we can watch a movie and
we can have a laugh or
we can go on walks and race to see who’s last like

sorry that i stare
i dream about your face and
i know i’m not that cute but
we should plan a date
and there’s something about you that
makes me feel so safe
and i know this might seem weird but

i’m always pretty late like
baking, singing, and everything you love
and like sherlock holmes and every tune
that you’ve sung and like car rides, tables

and staying up late and like
seeing you in class and perfections on your
face like stories, sunsets, and beautiful smiles
and like counting all your freckles
be wanting a child and like
kissing and teasing and loving one another
and all of the times that we cared for each other

- letras de 1nonly

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