letras de 1kombo – packin (intro)

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yeah, ayy, ayy

spend 100 at gucci, spend 100 couple at louis
what you call my jeans? they ksubis
gucci on stage, i told her show me b00bies
and i’m too cold, that’s why i got moncler on
pull up to his house and they finna stare
and i rock the woos, but this not ric flair
spend 100k yeah on my momma, yeah we packin these guns like osama
he talking down look like he want that drama
and i got a check from the net and i’m throwing it
yeah i see you sippin, yea, i see you pouring it
got this mac out and we shooting like 40 clips
we pullin’ up to his block and we shootin it
spend 100 on my shoes, yeah, that was easy
kombo gang, and i’m kombeeezy
dripping water, what kind? uh fiji
my neck it wet like a squeegee
and i stay rocking 2 tone
and i stay rocking that vlone
he copy me, yeah, that mean he a clone
surprised in this life that i even made it
remember days i was sleeping in the bas~m~nt
i got this check and i pull up and shoot
i came to the crib, yeah, un~deux sl~ts
i keep a mac yeah i’m packing
i’m moving heavy never lacking
i got this pistol steady strapping it
you come to me, you get in a casket
shoot 3’s at the opps, ain’t no basket
i got a pistol these shots never capping
they call me kombo gang, yeah for a reason
like roddy i been ballin, every season
might go cop the h~llcat or demon

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