letras de 1k1thousand – know a n***a

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yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
ok 1k back from that dead again
kick that door down n~gga
these n~ggas ain’t even try and let me in
i just rolled me another backwood n~gga pray for my sins
i just rolled me another backwood n~gga that was for your friends
look hey look n~gga i’ma roadrunner a cold stepper
next week you should be paid a dub through december
dropped a tear about this money i use to pray for it
fell in love with diamond chains so i won’t slave for em
d~mn what’s sup with yo body girl what you think i’ma take you for
oh you crossed your dog about some money that you blew of coursе
use to need some versеs from them n~ggas now i charge for chorus
1k 88 don’t even ask him who he do it for
oooo you ran it up that don’t impress me go and get some more
n~ggas sh~tted on me i got money i didn’t forget
i can’t take no n~gga serious talking bout street sh~t to a b~tch
i jumped off the porch i was curious i ran straight into a l!ck
thank god for that itunes money it done turn 1k legit
why my po keep on tripping tryna get a n~gga to p~ss
i don’t know why they keep hating don’t wanna see me at my best
feel like i had to be broke in my life like that sh~t was a test
only thing i wish i could get back in my life is yvette
i’m going through stress
why you think i pop these perky pills they make me best hey
don’t think i can take n0body else leaving nothing left
n~ggas be hating around here gotta watch they hold they breath
gotta watch what you say round them boys you know that they step
got designer sh~t i bought some more a couple thousand steps
i love my b~tch when i say my b~tch don’t mean no disrespect
and it’s f~ck them n~ggas who hated on me hope it don’t it think it’s nothing less
pistol in a foreign riding with a f hey look
yp wit a mop stick please don’t make a mess
who the h~ll say 1k have nothing left
who the h~ll say 1k wasn’t the f~cking wave
who the h~ll say i ain’t got racks b~tch i got paid
why the h~ll she say she ain’t going that ho got slayed
everybody around me seen me trap i got plays
everybody around me gotta script drugs for days
i know how it feel when they sleep on you
i know how it feel when they hate you
i know how it feel when they think that you nothin
i know how it feel when they made you
go round up some paper
that’s when they starting to hate you
i’m dodging these hoes most of these n~ggas in papers
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1. know a n~~~a
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