letras de 1k deon – intro

por favor espere um momento...

only 16 and whip exotic cars
lean to the face it be putting me on mars
yeah, flood out my wrist got it look like the stars
i think they mad at me i get payed to play with bars

i don’t care ’bout money i can’t take it to the grave
lonely riding ’round its just me and my mercedes
mama told its a cold world its getting crazy
so i keep my semi tucked just in case they try to play me

i thought they were my homie found out that they hate me
back stabbed took an adderall pain don’t phase me
don’t come to my wave causе it get wavy
bye bye to thе old me i think about you daily

on ig i don’t close friends cause i barley have family
people i thought i love wanna see me lose it getting scary
they be switching up hop on different teams like jason terry
my boys will walk you down i don’t care bout what u carry

i told my girl i love her my heart cold i can’t married
i’ll still spoil her take her anywhere just like a ferry
if i see my cousin k!ller imma pop ’em like a cherry
i got real dead legends hate to pass the cemetery

every day i pray to god to let my grandma see me make
if its chance to see her smile best believe i’m gone take it
these tears i cry be real ain’t no way that imma fake it
my grind don’t never stop best believe i’m paper chasing
my sister told me my face that i should stop rapping
i told her with no effort you should stop capping
every time lando hear a song he be saying i’m snapping
unc got the semi in his pants they ain’t gone catch him lacking

all this of this top i just freestyle
i just call it how it is they don’t see how

i don’t even call it rap i just be telling my story
i win with any team they should call robert horry

i ain’t no rapper put my thought’s on the beat to get it off my chest
mama said i’m doing good so i might as well try my best
to pink pills the only thing that put me to rest
i might have grey hairs tomorrow cause all this stress

i just wanna see my mama happy
i just wanna see my brother happy
i just wanna see my sister happy
and i wanna see my daddy happy

ya from my problems i hate to run away
used to be a young thug i took they gunna way
i hate to off the seen like broadway
my cousins they be bl!cken shooting out in broad day

- letras de 1k deon

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