letras de 1k deon – far from home

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man the other day i had got a call
(lord it feel like i ain’t worthy)
call from my mama saying my cousin
head had turned cold he walked
staright into the house and he died
it been alot on mind ever since
(lord it feel like i ain’t worthy)

[verse 1]
lord i know that i ain’t worthy
these pills relieve my pain but they still hurt me
lord why i keep letting them hurt me
hope i get to live to see thirty
loyalty my next door neighbor because i live by it
she tried to tell me that she love me but i didn’t buy it
devil tryna take my family, lord why they keep dying
i got problems of my own it feel like the world crying
i never let my guard down, this like mortal combat
i seen how you did me i can’t let you comback
can’t believe i feel in love the old me like who does that
mc hammer to my past i can’t touch that
i’m far from home, i can see light but i can’t touch it
living life on the run all we know is clutch it
bro said he having dreams about me im asking what was it
i die to myself everyday i can’t love it
i got a warm heart but it cold for protection
don’t be asking what i say, when i say, and why i said it
i don’t really care it only hurt cause i let it
every day i keep hearing i’m ah blow like confetti
it feel like my problems getting bigger and bigger
is it bad i see the end getting nearer and nearer
i can see the fake its getting clearer and clearer
i don’t see no reflection when im looking in the mirror
they talk behind yo back caus they can’t say it with they chest
im taking zz pills but i never get no rest
i feel its all adding up but i don’t want a test
i’m aiming at your head you don’t really need a vest
i dont feel comfort at my own crib
my bro’s right behind like a adlib
will my pain go away if i take advil
i can’t feel love at all and that’s real
it’s some stuff i can’t say imma take it to the grave
i keep on seeing the worst but i pray for better days
lord i need your for stuff i shouldn’t say
i can’t worry about tomorrow i don’t know about today
girl ever since you left i haven’t been smiling
told my bro i love you he say that i’m wilding
diamonds on my earrings, jumpin like they childish
girl your compliment me just like we stylish
i problems but they only thing that fix them is the double and imma keep sipping until come home

- letras de 1k deon

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