letras de 1dada4ever – crab legs

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i just ate some f~ckin crab legs
my lil thot wanna f~ck on me and i just want neck
i said baby i dont wanna f~ck yea i’m on abstinence
said f~ck school ain’t finish my class yeah i was absent
and if my brother go broke then f~ck it i break off half for him
no n~gga wanna test me in front my dawg cause they gon handle em

if i show you some love will you show that back
cause i had some i called my brothers that stabbed my back
cause i showed love to the wrong ones all they did’s held me back
if i give you my trust and you prove me wrong i’m gon fall back

tried turning me down i just went way up up up like jеt
pour me a line of that tec
i marriеd the money , in love with them checks yea
lil baby i can’t love you like that

and off that alcohol , got that lil b~tch grabbing my back , wanna kiss me on the neck , she want ass shots so i gave her back shots
last time i lied she said was the last straw

she hit my line talking bout this the last call
you know she came back , all that ass in the air
i might just go cartier
when i ball , nun but net
i feel fresh out the gym
i want my brothers to win
i feel chosen to win
think of all the sh~t i did , i should repent for my sins
and after all the sh~t i did , feel like i ain’t even win
i lost some brothers in the way
they was jealous of my plate
i just sh~t on they face
i’m in my zone
now you talk down on my name so am i wrong
you couldn’t give it to me straight
now am i wrong

i keep it real with ya
boa done lied to much
boa you done capped too much
keep rapping bout that sh~t you ain’t never done

i’ll keep it all real with ya
i did what i did , cause if i see ya might k!ll ya
i’ll shoot off the rip
might just sleep in the ritz , young lil jhit gettin rich
i ball off the rim
i’m way so up right now might flight out to france
pop a lil tab and then go on a trance
i’m a lil perc’d up i’m doin my dance

h~ll yeah
f~cked that b~tch friend off a perc and act like i ain’t did nun
h~ll yeah
give my momma a hug with the strap on me i’m so nonchalant
h~ll yea
i get high as f~ck then hop in the whip
180 this b~tch
h~ll yeah
yeah i’m ready to die , can’t you see in my eyes
h~ll yeah
h~ll yeah i’m fly than a jet , b~tch i walk in the sky
h~ll yeah
imma caveman with this stick ,cause i keep me a fire
h~ll yeah
and i don’t make no more friends cause everybody acting pie

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