letras de 1dada4ever – batman

por favor espere um momento...

might not wake up tomorrow
said f~ckit i might go audemar
said f~ckit i’ll hop in a supercar
got lil jace with them ars
they swervn round in em sport cars
got fentanyl where the addicts at where the addicts at where addicts at
pop a perc and that adderal mix it up with xans mix it up with xans
got the addicts all in the alley way they be off dem xans they be off dem xans

new tec just touched down we ain’t flex that
yall ain’t even on sh~t and we been known
i played your new sh~t and that sh~t wack

walk in dis b~tch with a bag
walk in dis b~tch with dem racks
oh you walking round like you that , dont make my n~ggas collect somе
oh she wanna bring her lil friends
shе wanna bring h~lla friends
she wanna try some of this , baby just stick to the henny
cus this ain’t yack in my cup and dat gas in my blunt
that g~lock doin stunts
he want smoke we’ll put that in his lungs

we in the club and it’s raining and im throwing up clear
moncleezy in the summer time i feel like a bear
ballin on you n~ggas ballin on you n~ggas like im on nair
double up my b~tches
double up the racks , roxy in my cup
b~tterfly doors up
she wants this and that but baby you a nat so you won’t get none
we was high as f~ck i was so stuck
dont fall in love
baby this just l~st

walk in this b~tch with the racks
walk in this b~tch with the racks

pop me a lil percocet and it made me throw up (x6)

- letras de 1dada4ever

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