letras de 196 clique – creepin through tha dark

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[verse 1]
creepin through the cut (the cut)
lil e gets no rest (no rest)
packin my 45 (45)
blowin a n~gga chest (yo chest)
chillin at the crib wit the lights out
caught the po~po runnin round search a n~gga for dope
thinkin bout the crucifix n~gga that be type of sh~t
packin 45 shove em down the throat
grab my jason mask out my ? bag
cause these jealous n~ggas by my side might try to slip
ridin in the chevy thang
cruisin by the skatin rang
got the 45 and i’m bout to let it rip
this is what they don’t know ?
cause to busy got me f~ckin round wit that sh~t
pimpin ass n~gga outta here for the 9 5
all you m~th~f~ckas you can suck my d~ck
outtie for you bustaz
tryna make me pull yo card
run into yo ass come in and k!ll a man
we creepin in the dark trick

[verse 2]
creepin wit the glock 19
c~ck my sh~t drop my eyеs scope the scenе wit the glock
now it’s time for that murda scene
i’m takin it to the stash pot
murdas my n~gga lil e on my side
wit the tech let it strip put it to ya chest let it blast
loadin the clip in yo head as you bled
wit the mask on my face cause i won’t catch a case
cut the dark make a stang on you lame in the game
stayin down cause it ain’t no shame
scopin out you n~ggas (you n~ggas)
slippin on my mask (my mask)
time to grab my gat (my gat)
trick or treat for the blast (the blast)
steppin wit the murda weapon stickin down the man dog
when i ? kicked em down about an hour
break into the door on the floor wit the burna mo
time for the triple stang heavy n~gga know don’t stop
hand in the bomb thang
chiefin blunts eryday
playa kinda m?
infrared don’t play tryna stang
playin every mack in the game pushin thangs
pimpin n~gga know about the gun try to run
hollow tip please don’t trip
b~tch boys come and get you some
c~catch you slippin drop it off real quick wit the jason mask checkin out ready to rest
o~open up the door gimme sum redrum trick n leavin bullet holes all in yo chest
r~run into yo ass wit the mega blast from the 96 reefa real gone in the wind
e~easy execute ? you gone die ? you committed a sin
y~yall n~gga know the time when i’m ridin in the ? make a stang for the cheese
runnin yo mouth talkin yo sh~t
i’m buckin you down to yo knees
1 9 6 crucifix funkytown don’t you start
mr. lil e and the k!lla creepin in the f~ckin dark

- letras de 196 clique

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