letras de 1919 – anxiety

por favor espere um momento...

anxiety, anxiety
mourn cells and crave endorphins
this drudgery, this drudgery
5 meals and 40 hours
anxiety, anxiety
dare we do call it suffering?
it’s vanity, it’s vanity
but you’ve heard that one before…

“settle down” you said, no one likes a pariah
take 48 hours and don’t you be a martyr
don’t you be a martyr

opportunity, opportunity
digging holes or working lunches
wage slavery, wage slavery
n0body owes you nothing
productivity, productivity
self or state medication
what do you wanna be? what do you wanna be?
they call this life or something

7lbs of flesh and what’s left?
7lbs of flеsh and blood
don’t you be a martyr

- letras de 1919

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