letras de 18veno – tuesday

por favor espere um momento...

rok on the track, yeah
imixnation for real

get that pack moving
h~ll no ’cause the trap gon’ keep moving
i’m in this b~tch with a stick with a finger on each
you know [?] ’cause these n~ggas be b~tches
if i’m p~ssy, then prove it
trap going up on a tuesday
trap going up on a tuesday
i feel like [?], you ain’t first then you last
i’m waiting [?], we get it in every day (we get it in)
b~tch, why the f~ck you broke?
don’t ask me, i don’t know
got the streets on lock
he wanna match so we bringing the smoke

aww sh~t

- letras de 18veno

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