letras de 18kwarrior – myself (prod. by valiousbeats)

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i don’t want none of your love
no, i’ll be alright by myself
please tell me what do you want
maybe i just cannot help you
it’s alright baby don’t you run away
it will be all fine baby it will be okay
i don’t want none of your love
oh i’ll be alright by myself
(18kwarrior)~verse 1
yea she really took my heart
then she ripped it apart
told me love is fake
i already knew it from the start

yea it’s really so bizarre
wonder how i made it far
yea your name enters my mind
every time i see a star

ima be alright
thinkin’ about you everyday yea it’s messin’ up my life
all they ever do is hurt me so i really wanna cry
baby, you light up the night
yeah i told you that i love you now i hope you’re satisfied
gave me love, now i’m addicted
need it now, it’s my prescription
anyhow, you’re on my wishlist
you’re the only thing i want for christmas

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