letras de 18iker – scars

por favor espere um momento...


i’m really freaking out now
i really just don’t know how
somehow i’m on the floor and screaming, you don’t even allow
but i couldn’t do it without you


always understand when i can’t even comprehend
when anybody torments me i trust you to defend
i love you, always true
never put it in review
oh you helped me then i grew
and i hope you love me too
oh you’re my mommy
also called mi madre
help me through my problems and you will not ever harm me
if you do you’rе always sorry
because you are my mommy

whеn i fall down, you will help me up
when they meet you there is no surprise you vote for donald trump
then you say hey wassup
i reply there’s not too much
then i feel your touch
when my heart is in a knot and i just have a bunch
all my pain when my life is going wrong
that is why i sing this song
i feel like i can’t be strong
we don’t always get along


but, in the end
i will always love you
no matter what i say i try to not begrudge you
you always love
kinda like the gloves
stay with your hand, keep you warm, that’s their behove

- letras de 18iker

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