letras de 18iker – running with you

por favor espere um momento...

you’re telling meeeee
you don’t wanna beee w meee
blame it on your ecstasy
but see it’s your ex maybe
your jealousy

i always try to give you everything
i do my best to make you happy
i dont know why you dont want to be with me
i can’t handle this anymore
i feel like ill die if i’m not there
i feel bad that i’m not here
i am crying in my room
because im not pretty for you
im dying in this h~ll
im k!lling myself
get me out of there
and lets run to my heart
we go too far
let’s always love
you and me against the world around
f~ck everyone
that we don’t care about the world
let’s keep being happy
while i have you

- letras de 18iker

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