letras de 18iker – goodbye

por favor espere um momento...

upside down
losing control
spinning round
no where to be found
out of my mind
i’m just k!lling time
line after line
i’m feeling fine

numb to the pain
only fiends can dream of being this high
only dreams can take you this far
this is my last rhyme
i’m running from time
and i know that it’s catching up
this is my last line
i’m fading in, i’m fading out of my misery
ya u got me good i fell for your trickery
arguments every night bring in the artillery
shawty been feeling me she likes my mystery

intoxicated i could care less for a victory, please let me be, my heart
can’t take another injury
walking down this path of treachery, stay close cause it’s slippery
yours hearts in my hand it’s a special delivery
why u gotta be so bitterly cold
i cannot f~ck with this fake love, from these fake hoes
i need a break from these designer clothes, sipping on the potion always keep the pole, i hate myself for this hole ~ i dug ~ she wanna keep me close cause she can’t be alone

- letras de 18iker

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