letras de 18andcounting – the other side of accuracy

por favor espere um momento...

would you rather see damage or be the remedy
cash check credit or anonymity
who started the flame
sorry dog our art ain’t the same
i’m much darker
the arbiter in charge of the game
only player in the ballpark is smart and deranged
ahead of yourself
oughta pull hard on the reins
everybody move to the last car on the train
preserving bullsh~t
y’all deserve all of the shame
we operate high~octane
far to attain
pour it all on stage
he don’t harbor the pain
a.k.a. the big gritty godfather of grain
got her grabbing on my collar
hide your daughters & dames
these n~ggas truly got it twisted like the guggenheim
who are you behind
i don’t fit inside your outlines
fat dreams
what would the scene be without mine
my decisions sending ripples ‘cross the southside
made it look easy, they bending over backwards
i tell ’em i’m just hand tending to my madness
bad b~tches that you sit and imagine
feeling like i’ve never been considered average
man inside the mirror is me the conceited b~st~rd
magnified bitter it’s clear that they seeing past it
rappers on clearance
it’s clear they caught in a phase
gnarly in my ways
this fabric is hardly fashion
man inside the mirror is me the conceded answer
magnified hitter they quick to sh~t in they pampers
gotcha dome littered
it’s clear they caught in a phase
gnarly in my ways
this fabric is hardly fashion
the other side of accuracy is where we landing
and you looking like some salmon to savages
feast or famine
n~gga these beats is slamming
absorb more
take you a note
shazamable through floorboards
can’t ignore nan that we invested
music to make the poor feel bigger than the stresses
exit to where the storm pours
cut like a switchblade
that whole mix tape sounded like cl!ckbait
thou shall catch up but can’t get late
’cause ain’t an expiration date when you this great

- letras de 18andcounting

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