letras de 17psyche – psychosis 5d

por favor espere um momento...

i might pay the price
for my actions
everything that i did was just for reactions
but i can play nice
for distractions
all the lies that i keep for my satisfaction
c~nts only talk
and they don’t ark up
might cop it on the chin
check your f~cking posture
one day it might cost ya
make him shiver in his skin
you think that people will mourn you, boy we can test that
pay a visit in morning, you won’t forget that
take this song as a warning, just know i meant that
nice t~~th in your mouth, boy i can prevent that

make him parry, then carry
involuntary, cemetery
send the feller back, cause it’s hereditary
temporary, momentary
cautionary, very wary
on your tail, don’t bail, exhale
in your mother~f~cking brain
you’ll get rocked, clocked, knocked for your shocks
change your locks, you look lost
make it out at all costs, aight
psychosis in my system
keep your distance
you are all my victims
psychosis in my system
keep your distance
moving back in an instance
pull up like assistance
i need assistance

i see a boy in the mirror
i don’t know who it is
the same one that my ego’s death tried to resist
how the f~ck can i run if i don’t exist?
and will it ever go away or always persist?
people saying that i slept but i’m not convinced
strange thoughts i protect, change the way i think
convert a nice day into a traumatic event
i can’t trust what god said cause he’s f~cked in the head
suffering will not control me
my mind is in debt to all the pain that i felt last time i wept

as i walk through the valley of my mind
i unwind and find a passive trait of a different kind
come and listen to us speak that’s a treat
every day i wake up just to go back to sleep
blue meanies in my bag
watch the boys leaning when they’re smoking on the scag
f~ck a bag
on the koonung trail is my tags
i’m damaged, black flag, living life is a drag
you and i share a common enemy
we crave the necessity to k!ll these c~nts effectively
got some stacks in the stash, i won’t lie
everything is so bright
cause i’m covered in lights

- letras de 17psyche

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