letras de 17azael – intro

por favor espere um momento...

i told em i’m from that ’01 where a young g pullin’ h~lla hoes
this that kanye collection from ’15 not no bullet holes
you can try to play me like a dummy boy but trust i ain’t no stupid ho
and david that’s my brother from ’15 till we level 9’s
from the dirty south like glokknine
go and get yours cuz i got mine
fendi, prada and the louis v and i just got 5 on these g star jeans
don’t worry about me go worry bout cheese
don’t like no hugs don’t comfort me
don’t like no hoes, no hoes for me
just me and my blunt like how i’m ‘posed to be
if you not my bro you might tell on me
if you ain’t got no bread don’t come round me
cuz whеn the time comes you might tеll on me
and like duwap kaine you ain’t tell on me
if i’m going slow i’m leanin
but i am not slow i’m dreamin
and rip to mac miller i know that we all fighting them demons
if you ain’t bobbin, you weavin
when life throwin’ em punches you either catchin em or receivin’ em
it’s yg on a good day with the shades on cuz its lit out
two blunts yg, not max payne ain’t no glocks out
got a dub rolled in a blunt and eighter packed inna backwood
i know you tried to stunt, but n0body got it like i do
she askin’ me what i think’s cool, i like fast cars and jeeps too
i’m so underground need blues clues, i graduated from the new school so f~ck school
i’m underground like old news, like ski mask and lil pump
don’t come around if i don’t know you
might get spinned out like cold brew
might tat my face like cobra
like slime dollaz, like duwap
i’m evil that’s what the game do
might f~ck around and come stain you
leave his ass black like a paintball
i’m evil man that’s what that glock do
eyes low and red man that’s what that za do
off like 3 or 4 pills man in my backpack
got bubble gum and a lollipop for your b~tch ass
if the shoe fits go and get mad
but if your b~tch made then the shoe fits
and if you b~tch made let the tool hit
i heard you heard, like instincts
now you buggin’ out like insects
have you comin’ out like christmas
this that summer time in the south side
i got dark shades when the sun shines
got a new b~tch but she ain’t mine
and she callin’ me on the trap phone like she ain’t got my number
b~tch you so stupid, hold up
shouts go out to cc for good brain and good p~ssy
i told that b~tch to see me after work i ain’t busy
keep it a hundred she miss me, i know last week i ain’t see her
and every time i come around she just be happy to see me
but she keep callin’ my phone like my d~ck boutta leave
bae my d~cks not a leaf although it look like a tree
and she ask me what i’m doin i said i’m smokin’ some weed
she text me back stupid saying “without me” ?
yes without you you didn’t put nothin on this blunt
and b~tch you actin’ so stupid you know this world ain’t free
this weed ain’t free, this d~ck ain’t free, this roll up ain’t free
my hair not free, yo nails not free!
but i’m rollin’ up another backwoods’ so we can smoke
get your nails done, let your hair down, girl i got us some weed
and nina got my back so i ain’t watchin for 12
i got hash and top shelf this the backwoods’ from h~ll
got you coughin’ up a lung you d~mn near passed out
you told me imma make it but i ain’t tryna get clout
just tryna grow my money ain’t that what life is about
i guess life ain’t as mystical if we all make it out

- letras de 17azael

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