letras de 16raheem – zoned

por favor espere um momento...


yeah lets go
anything in second place feel like it’s after last
they wanna feel it resonate, we not impressed with rapping fast
music got me captain hook, now it got me captain cash
envious and jealous seen my idols getting capped for cash
i don’t tell a lie inside my raps never cap for cash
r.i.p. pop smoke r.i.p pop
chicago we don’t say soda we say pop
never scared of name drops
dropping all these tapes under my name until my name pops
used to wear my heart on my sleeve now it’s a tank top
i’m moving up but i act just like i’m in the same spot
said i’m thе type to act broke then pop out with a milly
bеing humble is underrated cause they sleep when u chilling
really think that i don’t got like that cause i don’t talk about it
speak easy with the bars nothing soft about it
dosi do to dosi face i’m double dutchin
shift gears with the gear so i’m double clutching
saw me moving with the tints said i’m up to something
red in my eyeball that’s a rough assumption (it is)
i know i got some competition that’s a tuff discussion (i do)
i know i been out the loop like a dunkin munchkin
keep it a buck be giannis
who up next coming up we on it
i got cookies like a website i’m stuck
use to run with a squad now we cut went from trucks to raris
and i’m running out of f~cks i’m sorry
i can’t give in
club is exclusive can’t sit with us or get in
either you wack or trying too hard to fit in
never seen a jacket like this, all linen
i’m tryna get a house so big, you can’t live in
i’m tryna get a throne so big you can’t sit in
i’m tryna run a race so long you can’t win in
i’m tryna get a shirt so big you can’t fit in
one word that describes me

- letras de 16raheem

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