letras de 16raheem – first take

por favor espere um momento...


roll me a wood while i roll through the wood
leave me alone i’m like homie i’m good
i’ma get money i know that i could
that sh~t real crazy when they be like “aye”
with a handout like, what the f~ck like (the f~ck?)
i did not ask anybody for nothing
go up a level i’m pressing the b~tton (uh huh)
bout to be static i’m starting up something (yeah)
if it’s not stacking i’m probably stunting (bow)
open the package just pass me a dutchy (yeah)
young in the game and don’t act like a rookie (yeah yeah)
i just get papеr from booking to booking
dropping a classic with n0body looking (yeah)
it’s always heat when i’m cooking
i takе when they looking, your paper is tooken

aye, gimme a beat and i promise i’m tearing it up (yeah yeah)
homie pierre in the cut (aye)
popping that sh~t like a pimple i’m flaring it up
you catch a stray to the gut
everything i got is gas, gas, gas
did some bullsh~t won’t let it pass, pass, pass
slow car push it fast, fast, fast
y’all tryna rap but it’s ass, ass, ass (aye)
gimme a 20 and i bring a 50 back
hop on a beat like a piggyback
i want my money i get all my pennies back
my b~tch is a dime my wallet got 20s
only got gas, don’t f~ck wit a perc 30
hustle hard so i’m leaving work early
if you cap then you get a burnt jersey
long day at work so my shirt dirty
why you been dissing like four years
i known you since like pnd2 that’s a car with like 4 gears
don’t give a f~ck just pour tears
and i’m going up by more levels
so i’m going up by more tiers
look, 1, 2
1,2,3, countdown til i slide again (yeah)
you get popped like vitamins (pop)
yeah you get popped like vicodin
move my spot to higher then
i shoot my shot it’s hot like frying pans
i don’t got no heart i feel like iron man
(okay let’s go)
who the f~ck would really thought i wrote an album
by the time high school over look at the outcome
got a lot of people didn’t used to be all around me
yeah i didn’t sleep 3 days feel like a zombie
i’m a boss at the same time (yeah)
carry myself like a regular person
we can talk face time but never in person (uh huh)
when i’m in my birkin, i’m a different person
let’s get it

- letras de 16raheem

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