letras de 1600j – what i did

por favor espere um momento...

surf gang, b~tch

[hook: 1600j]
prada on me when i walk
i’m serving that white like it’s chalk
don’t f~ck with these n~ggas ’cause they like to talk
four hoes in the crib, you know what i did
i feel like sahbabii, pull up with a stick
my n~ggas go crazy, we shoot up the ‘rib

[verse 1: 1600j]
i don’t really wanna talk a lot
i just been focused on getting this guap
i see through these n~ggas, they really be opps
i put a two~tone in a glock
i had like two hoes on my jock
oh, that’s yo new ho? that’s my fault
i put a hundred bands in the vault
she wanna link, copy
i put a beam on a glocky
off the xanny, now she move like a zombie
i hit her asap, no rocky
i cannot love her, i’m way top c~cky
i pass to my mans after she top me
heard you dissing, put that stick on yo mommy
i walk around with a motherf~cking tommy
let a n~gga see the light
i don’t even fight, aye, see the pipe
i don’t even drink, aye, see the pint
i pour a four, red in the sprite
i had to send him up like a kite
i keep a bulldog and it bite
said he gon’ run up, yeah, aight
[hook: 1600j]
prada on me when i walk
i’m serving that white like it’s chalk
don’t f~ck with these n~ggas ’cause they like to talk
four hoes in the crib, you know what i did
i feel like sahbabii, pull up with a stick
my n~ggas go crazy, we shoot up the ‘rib

[verse 2: boofpaxkmooky]
walk in this b~tch, i’m in yves saint laurent
you not on yo sh~t, you can’t do want you want
i’m sipping the lean, man, that b~tch got me drunk
and she wanna f~ck until i am done
walk out of saks fifth with a bunch
she ate on this d~ck like she thought it was lunch
smoking gas, n~gga, smoking on runtz
that n~gga started kicking sh~t like a punt
thought it was a race but i already won
three, thought he was one
good loud pack, n~gga, under the sun
i don’t wanna talk, girl, give me tongue
why you acting so serious? are you dumb?
b~tch got me locked up like a pin
i’m sipping on lean, he sipping on gin
i spin on the block, boy, spin again
i went to the atm for this pin
want me to f~ck again
you like how i’m up, you like how i’m up
you want beef, n~gga, then it’s stuck
i got a h~llcat, not a truck
i run up on that, boy, give it up
huh, yuh

- letras de 1600j

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