letras de 15th cole – hooplah!

por favor espere um momento...


yeah, yeah, yeah, back again
i’m in a rush, rush, rush


cole with the green cabbage, nickname coleslaw
break up the ounces, serving cuts call them chainsaws
i’m in a rush, rush, rush limbaugh
what’s that sound wait, wait, wait (hooplah!)
oh yeah, oh yeah, kool~aid man
might be a scrimmage, still best have a game plan
tools on tools, need a box f~ck craftsman
picture perfect, words bigger than captions
guilty by association, peep their reaction
talking, talking they still yap, yap, yapping
bed head, bed head, know they was capping
peyton manning how i setup passing’s
lying caskets, now they mad like, “what happened?”
don’t huddlе to fumble ball, ball, john madden
realizе, real eyes, why yours getting blackened
minivan, sedan, crash, louis belt fastened
cutthroat, cutthroat, on the floor gasping
tell them, “pull up” they still tap, tap, tapping
off the vladimir with your b~tch, know where i’m putin (putting)
throw that p~ssy, catch it charles woodson
one, one, one, one, two, three, four, five
down, down, down, pick it up, revive
wetter than a pool? then f~ck it, might nosedive
police arrived for this sh~t on my hard drive
f~ck i’m out of breath, (uhh) take five
death to soundcloud, come alive, come alive
thirty six deep hitting harder than bus
i don’t give a f~ck, you not god you can’t judge
m to the e i’m a mc
fashion nova mode too boujee
so bad even the blind can see
playing offense, i bring the
big dog chasing paper, i don’t need your dog food
sorry, not sorry, i don’t mean to be rude
recording in the closet, to eating lobster and seafood
twenty one if he a savage, chopstick ya kiku
look alive, look alive, deader than a door nail
labels and beats, notifications, my email
good smoke in and out, inhale, exhale
whiter than white with the water, i’m pale (pail)
skinny one forty, pockets bigger than sumos
resurrections what? haven’t k!lled me, uno
flashy cameras, titties, got strip shows
sl!cky with your bm, snorting coke out her a~hole
money dirty bubble, big guns like man ray
got no jumper, still ballin’ no 2k
take a couple notes, just don’t copy my gameplay
day i touch a milli, be a mo’f~cking feast day
bring me the marijuana, i don’t want your eight ball
police again? “well sh~t, i don’t recall”
where the recognition, cause i’m no underdog
section eight to eight figures, it’s real dog
(shh, shh, shh,) go to sleep

- letras de 15th cole

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