letras de 15th cole – all of a sudden

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954 mafia

picture perfect, i’m televised
makeup ugly b~tches disguise
who is above to the skies that i pray too?
free kp, f~ck snitches, he get out might spray two
b~tch lounging up, wet as cancun
it’s your b~tch in and out my bedroom
hop in the rari she want me to zoom
she out the park way i hit it babe ruth
grand slam catch another three
push to start stop clinging your keys
chopstick now he tastes chinese
chain icicle out the deep freeze
gone ask how i’m coming? snap, crackle, pop
f~ck on the b~sitter the b~tch got some bop
wasn’t allowed in the lobby, we hit the rooftops
i got morе cuts than the barbershop
my pack exotic, my incomе is steady
i ain’t no k!ller, though my shot be steady
not a lil’ gangsta but my pockets be crippin’
my b~tch nacho cheese, so homie quit chip~in
laced up my jordan’s, how could i be tripping?
been causing trouble in and out of detention
send shots on the gram, forgetting my mention
i sit back and laugh, what the f~cks your opinion?
four pockets full all hunnids and sh~t
b~tches be foreign from london and sh~t
feel like mcdonald’s got em’ lovin’ it
all of a sudden, all of a sudden
all of a sudden they all on my d~ck
all of a sudden local star type sh~t
all of a sudden i’m up with this sh~t
all of a sudden the feeling yo’ sh~t

954 mafia

- letras de 15th cole

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