letras de 156/silence – no angel

por favor espere um momento...

this distance is persistently drilling
i proceed to push away all that has ever been gifted and the wishes are spilling
i can see my presence fading out and only if i listened i could fix this incision
draw the pain away and drown everything in my existence just to rinse this revision
feeding into what’s been eating at me. i must seem to miss this more than bliss
is it k!lling all that’s left alive inside? i feel like this isn’t living
will you listen or fill it up with something that’s above
the constant plagues that keep on haunting me, following
calling me to the offering underground
i can breathe. i can see
weakеned, defiled, and faltеring
the f~cking taste is hollowing
causing me constant destruction. carnage seeps into the veins of hostile fiends
fostering all of this hatred harboring within decrepit carcasses
cold as this coffin constructed from my sins. it feeds infections under skin
thick and thin. wearing me into lifelessness. i feel the friction
tear at limbs. broken hymns
pray for me and all my friends
waste away as i did
i can see i’m here again
giving up

visions tend to make my decisions leading me astray and leaving me with lack of ambition
in an instance i’m hidden underneath
it just repeats and rips a piece from my soul
and still, there’s no f~cking angel here
only fear. testing my senses
i adhere to the clenching grip
i hear only tears falling in fashion
death appears in the shadow

tempting me. testing me
clenching t~~th. severing
tempting me, testing me
(i’ll turn away. i’ll tend the grave)
in the end

hands filled with hatred, so cold
no one left to sing to
i don’t care at all

- letras de 156silence

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