letras de 150lated – spellbinding circle

por favor espere um momento...

is that a tracstar beat?

we’ve been through the willows, i can hear the whispers
embers on my tongue ever since i kissed her
i want to escape, feel dead inside
don’t wanna look back, still mesmerized, you monster
[?] through the jugs, baby i can’t hide it
even when you’re gone, you’re on my mind again
what h~ll did you cause me? i’m breaking over, tears on my shoulder
can you pull me back together? i don’t know what i have to face
tragedy and thе stormy weather, i’ve givеn all that i have to give
you break me apart, i haven’t shown you the scars on my heart
you showed me yours in that parking lot
i’m done, i quit, i’m over it
release me from your spellbinding circle
can you release me from your spellbinding circle?

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