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ayy, ayy

[verse 1]
i was fallin’ for you
i was waitin’ for that godd~mn call, but b~tch, i was waiting too long
when i make it you gon’ find out i make these songs about you
n~gga, man, they all just about you
man, i gave you my heart, man, i can’t restart
guess we fall apart
guess we fell out, we can’t ball now, i guess we can’t ball
we can’t ball but i miss you, yeah, i miss you
i miss you too often these turning into issues
yeah, we had a friendship but that had to discontinue
yeah, i made it worse and our friendship was a curse, yeah
it’s a curse, it’s a curse
it was only gettin’ worse
the love i gave for you was still intact
wish that that was in the dirt
yeah, yeah
on snapchat your name was my future wife
the love i guess was trife, oh my f~cking god

[verse 2]
oh my god, oh my god
guess you got the best of me
i guess you got the best of zeek
every night i used to cry my ass to sleep
guess i was fallin’ too deep, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
i don’t even know anymore, man, i’m tired of closure
you call up xanternity, he told you he does not wanna get closer
yj tried to get us closer every single time
it didn’t work so i was wastin’ my time and so we’re you

- letras de 1470 zeek rapper

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