letras de 1470 zeek (rapper) – make up

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: shiloh dynasty]
grips on her legs
front way, back way
you know that i don’t play
streets not safe
but i never run away
even when i’m away
ot, ot, is never much love when we go ot
i pray to make it back in one piece
i pray, i pray
that’s why i need a one dance

[verse 1: 1470 zeek]
i wasted my time trying to be your friend
our friendship is over, that’s the best that it is
i don’t wanna go back, i don’t wanna go back
’cause you’re gonna do me wrong and i’m still gonna get mad
you had to block me, you had to block me
you tried to stop me, you tried to stop me
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
i was your friend now we are over
now we are over
i’m tired of closure, i don’t wanna get closer
i don’t wanna get closer
you was a dead president, i’ma count all my bands
i’ma pull up in a benz
you on the street you counting tens
you counting tens, b~tch, really you just counting ones
i f~ck your daughter, b~tch, i might go f~ck her and done
i’ma get my checks up, yeah, i am next up
yeah, i’m next up and so is adexter
ayy, diamonds all on my neck, i don’t gotta flex
i gotta get the checks ’cause i’m up next
just one time, one time
i’ma flex on you, girl, flex on you, one time
i’ma let you be, i’ma let you be
i texted you, i left on seen, i was left on seen
i always thought you were my queen, thought you were my queen
i guess that wish was just a dream, guess it was a dream
[verse 2: 1470 zeek]
i wasted my time, i wasted my f~cking time
you were like a mime, you were just like a mime
i say he a f~ck n~gga, he throwing up gang signs, yeah
i wasted my time, i just need real friends
ones who won’t block me when they get mad
ones who come to me when they feel sad
ones who come to me when they don’t have a dad
a n~gga hit up my phone
and when you get mad please don’t put me to the tone
i’m rocking all margiela and i’m rocking vlone
you wanna call me now, man, i put you to the tone
to the tone
b~tch, i’m ’bouta get up on that throne
that’s my dome
it’s the devil, man, that’s my f~cking home
that’s my home
b~tch, and you know what i roam
i’m ’bouta get these bands though

[outro: 1470 zeek]
wake up, b~tch, wake up
wake up, b~tch, you can’t make up
wake up, b~tch, you can’t make up
i think you’re better without the make up
you just fake to me
shawty you was fake to me
you just fake to me
yeah, yeah
you just fake to me

- letras de 1470 zeek rapper

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