letras de 1470 yj (rapper) – friday

por favor espere um momento...


you know it’s yj (brr)
i just be gettin’ that cash, i’m gettin’ that cash on a friday
a brand new ferrari
you know i’m finna skrrt off (skrrt)
i’m finna skrrt off on the highway (skrrt, skrrt)
like subway i want that sh~t my way
might have to pull up to your driveway (driveway)
if i heard that he talkin’ sideways (sideways)
you know i’m ’bouta blow up (huh?)
i’ll make you watch it like it’s friday
pull up on a opp
me and my guys, yeah we chop him, all we seem is them bodies drop
call me, make the drop
and yeah, we shootin’ and you know we not stopin’
we not gon’ let them bullets stop
i’m never stoppin’ my grind
leave you n~ggas behind because i’m goin’ straight to the top
i got money on my mind, it’s my time to shinе
so this sh~t ’bouta blow when it drop
so don’t start wastin’ my time ’cause yj is unsignеd
keep workin’ just so i don’t flop (brr)
i’m ’bouta get to this bag, so don’t start gettin’ sad
or i’ll just wet you with a mop (no features)
your music too bad, you goin’ out sad
’cause i know that your sh~t gonna flop
ayy, ayy, hey
make you watch it like it’s friday

- letras de 1470 yj rapper

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