letras de 1470 yj (rapper) – anime wurld

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[verse 1]
i be countin’ the cash, you know yj been chillin’
lil’ n~gga, i’m wearin’ my white tee
posted up with the gang and no you cannot hang
all my n~ggas we just like akatsuki
my boy shadow gon’ slide out the scope
man, he all on vacation, he ’bout to go sightsee
it’s too hot in the stu’, after this i go through
and i just go and make me some ice tea

[verse 2]
anime world, we just chillin’ on a friday
i’m makin’ n~ggas rage just like rnc hokage
lil’ yj, he just chillin’, he just chillin’ on a friday
you know that she a ho, like sakura, she for the highway
ayy, i’m turning it up
you don’t know what it feels like to have diamonds and purple just stirring all up in yo’ cup
yj just sit were he want and he do what he do
you got problems, then just line it up
it’s animе world, we got chakra and powers
lil’ n~gga, we just turnin’ up

- letras de 1470 yj rapper

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